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  • HT APFC Panel


    Cospower Engineering Limited are in manufacturing ofHT Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels.Along with supply of this product we also undertake the services of installation, commissioning, and maintenance of this product. The decision of use of HT APFC panels must be taken carefully as frequent switching of HT capacitors is not desirable. While the basic function of HT capacitors is to improve PF the task becomes tricky the loads vary frequently. As an expert in the field of capacitors, we take a judicious decision of by studying the load pattern and for periodically changing of loads we recommend HT APFC with optimum no of steps and with a switching pattern that will not cause any harm the capacitors. For the dynamic changes in load pattern, we suggest either LT APFC/RTPC panels and CosVar Manager Panel (Static Var Compensator). HT APFC panels have today become an integral part of PF improvement system in modern industries and power utilities. The designs and performance of HT APFC have been well established and proved.


    HT APFC panels are available upto 11 kV voltage levels. For cubicle mounted indoor/outdoor HT APFC panels Power Contactors are used for switching of capacitors. In case of outdoor open type installation in place of Power Contactor, Automatic Capacitor Switch is used as Power Contactor cannot be installed in outdoor open-air installations. The no of steps is restricted to minimum and generally its upto 4 steps. More of steps can be considered after proper study. At typical Bill of Materials and SLD for HT APFC panel is as under ;