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    Cospower Engineering limited inassocaiation with VCT Project Aashish believe that supporting the weaker section of our society as our social responsibility.As the great rightly quoted “ We have two hands one to help us and the other one to help others, With a proactive approach of our employees we have been able to provide essential food supply to the people who have been affected by HIV ,Tuberculosis,Leprosy etc.


    Being in this age where Education is the base of the development, it is essential that our current generation is very well educated along with life skills and street smartness to face the ever evolving world and became responsible denizens of our planet earth.

    In association with our NGO we conduct basic classes for English and math’s for the children whose parents have been affected with life threatening disease like HIV,Leprosy,tuberculosis,etc.

    Apart from the educational knowledge ,we are also imparting lifeskills like weaving,stitching,etc to the underpriviledged.This not only generates a new line of income for them but also instills in them the strong feeling of independence and pride.

    COVID 19

    The header needs no introduction as we all are testimonies to the spree of lives this deadly virus has consumed and is still consuming.The plight of the’ Covid-19 ‘pandemic which has struck the entire world since Feb 2019 has totally disrupted the economic as well as social life of many around us. it is true that the most affected strata of society is the lower class and the BPL population who live hand to mouth. Our overtly enthusiastic team of employees have themselves volunteered to help this population of our society by volunteering to help them. The data of distributionduring the lockdown period is as under:

    However soon there were requests from other quarters also,for families that were starving with no income and VCT Project Aashish extended to families referred by associates & friends of VCT Trust members.

    In the month of April –June the services were also extended to TB patients referred by the UHC under VVCMC health dept. Along with ration pkts, the TB & HIV patients were also provided with a tin of Protein Powder as supplementary Nutrition.

    Material distribution: Total ration distributed during the period was 3485 kg. Rationpkts. 153 90 185 428 Protein powder tins 98 83 0 181