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  • APFC Panels



    APFC-Automatic Power Factor Control (APFC) Panels, is an automatic power factor control panel which is used to improve the power factor, whenever required, by switching ON and OFF the required capacitor bank units automatically based on the compensation required in an electrical system.

    Power Factor can be explained as ratio of active power to apparent power and it is a key factor in saving power. We all know that power is precious and hence saving power should be the resolve of every industry or institution. Money saved is money earned and similarly power saved is as good as power generated. The cost of saving power is minuscule compared to the investment, time and infrastructure needed for power generation not to forget the depletion of natural resources.

    Industries today have a large variation in load and hence the requirement of compensation varies. It is imperative to maintain power close to unity to achieve maximum saving and hence variation of capacitor rating has to be achieved with precision. This variation are periodic and even dynamic and hence the capacitors has to operate based on the variation of load. APFC Panels come real handy in the achievement of this purpose and application of APFC panels becomes indispensable inindustries with constant change in load pattern through the day. The power tariff in many power utilities have modified such that both lag and lead PF can incur higher losses and also higher consumption of units.

    APFC Panels is a ready made solution for achievement of PF close to unity. We can install APFC system in both HT and LT. These panels are used in commercial buildings and industries where there is fluctuation in voltage and power supply



    1.  Malls and Commercial establishments
    2. Pharmaceutical Industries Hospitals& Hotels
    3. Paper & Rice mills
    4. Manufacturing companies
    5. Steel, Cement, Textile and Paper mills
    6. Water and Sewage Pumping Station.
    7. Lift Irrigation projects.
    8. Fertilizer & Petrochemical plants.
    9. Power Utilities and Railways.
    10. Coalfields and Mining Sectors.
    11. Solar and other Non-conventional Power Projects.


    1.  PF close to unity > 0.995 lag and < 0.995 lead
    2. Fast and precise switching
    3. In-built fuse protection system
    4. Installed with suitable and reputed or approved make Indication Lamps, Auto / manual Selector switches , Contactors, capacitors and customized stage Controllers
    5. Minimizes harmonic currents
    6. Avoid any kind of manual disruption
    7. Corrosion-resistant with quality Ingress Protection
    8. Tough Electrical insulation
    9. Protects electrical equipment’s


    1. Even under turbulent and fluctuating loads, Automatic Power Factor Controller ( APFC ) panels ensure a higher consistent power factor.
    2. They prevent the leading Power Factor to circulate.
    3. They optimize electricity consumption and minimize electricity bills and penalties especially in power utilities that have adopted kVAh billing.
    4. APFC panels reduce operational cost and energy losses.
    5. APFC Panels with programmable microcontroller can sense and control the load continuously without fail and delay
    6. They are easy to use as every operation is done precisely and automatically
    7. The panels can switch ON or switch OFF the concerned capacitors as and when required so that consistent Power Factor is maintained