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  • Expertise of Cospower


    Once it is ascertained that there is a need to provide harmonic filters there is a process to be followed and Cospower Engineering Limited specializes in this service with a long and established experience of providing power quality solutions to the industry.
    Cospower Engineering in the forefront of Power Quality Improvement techniques :



    We presently have 3 power analyzers and engineers located in various places to carry out the study of the electrical systems with emphasis on measurement of harmonics. Before we undertake such studies, we make a proper study of the electrical system of the facility and identify the location(s) where the study needs to be carried out. Also, the nature of load and the process of the machines had to be evaluated in order to determine the duration of the study like for constant loads a duration of one hour of study would be enough for fluctuating loads this duration can be even more and for loads that vary through the day a full 24-hour study could be necessary. We compile the study on the SLD of the system which will give a clear idea of the source of harmonics and its travel towards the source of power supply.



    Hence the need is to mitigate the harmonics as it is unavoidable is present times when non-linear loads are essential for modern day needs and the latest trends adopted by the manufacturing and infrastructure units.



    In case of green field projects as there is no chance of studying the system parameters and the filters need to be provide from Day one, we study the load specification of the equipment provided by the OEM. After getting these information filters are design with a provision for fine tuning these filters to achieve the objective of limiting the harmonic levels.
    Once the study is done these are download in the PC at our back office and a proper study is done. The tabular and graphical representation are studied based on which the necessity of providing filters is determined. Primarily, the harmonic levels at the PCC i.e. Point of Common Coupling (PCC) i.e. the metering point of the system has to be within the limits specified in the table of IEEE:519.



    Once it it’s determined the harmonic filters have to be provided and is highly recommended, we check the numberharmonic filter branches and type of filters (for more information check the download documents of elimination of harmonics). We look at our client’s needs and interests and if needed modify their existing capacitor banks (if feasible) to make it a passive harmonic filter of any particular order. We also consider the ideal location of the filters and try to place it as close to the loads as possible. Once our designs are tentatively decided in order to ascertain its efficacy, we insert these filters in a simulation software and check the change in the pattern of harmonics. If the results are not meeting the expectation, we do some changes in the design such that the results are achieved in the simulation tests. If required, we also envisage the need of Active Filters to be provided at specific locations in order to complement the Passive Filters and create a hybrid of active and passive filters to achieve the objective of suppressing the harmonics from the system and bringing below the limits of IEEE:519.
    One important aspect that Cospower Engineering considers while designing the filters is to provide a cost-effective solution and ensure that the customers does need to dig deep in the pockets. The final product needs to be value for money and is backed by a reasonable payback period calculation.



    Cospower Engineering Limited provides the complete harmonic filter equipment and sources it allied equipment from reputed and leading OEMs in the country and overseas. We have the facility to manufacture and test the filters to assure that the design parameters are thoroughly met in all respects. Once it is delivered to the client we have the team to install and put the system into operation are carrying out all the pre-commissioning tests. After turning ON the system our engineers immediately study all the parameters to observe the changes in the system. A continuous monitoring of the system is done for a period of time and once the system stabilizes the power studies are carried out at the same points where it was conducted before installation of the filters to make comparative studies. The readings are downloaded at our back-office and the comparison of before and after installation of filters are done to ascertain that the filters are performing as per the designs.



    Hence harmonic study and providing solution is specialized job and Cospower Engineering Limited has the expertise to provide effective and efficient solution and reasonable costs. We are among the few in India to have the experience to provide power quality solutions and you can safely place your complete trust on us. As our tagline from engineering to projects…. suggests we have the complete technical know-how, manpower and capability to provide a complete package in power quality improvement.