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  • RTPFC Panels


    Real-Time Power Factor Correction (RTPFC) Panel comes with suitable detuned harmonic filter. We ensure that they compensate the changing Reactive Power and provide PF correction at an interval as low as 20 milliseconds i.e., faster than the speed of the blink of an eye.RTPFC Panels are most suitable for maintaining PF close to unity, reduction in kVA demand, reduction in electricity costs, enhancing capacity of Transformers, Switchgears, HT Cables are a few of the benefits accrued.
    This state-of-the-art electronic switching device is primarily designed as a replacement of the electro-mechanically switched equipment. This system while clearly superior in terms of sheer speed of switching operations and comes with a price tag very much comparable with the conventional switching APFC systems.
    This type of Power FactorCorrection is applicable in the industries like Steel Rolling Mills, Steel Melting Units, Forging, Welding, Press Shop,Induction Heating etc.
    APFC panels with electromechanical contactors, have a well proven performance in installation where the load has periodic (non-dynamic) variations. However, today more and more industrial installations are having electronic equipment (PLC, Computers etc.) and very fast changing working cycles (automatic welding machines,robots etc.). Reactive Power Compensation with StaticThyristorSwitchesoffer the best answer to this requirement of the modern industry. Thyristors conducts and bring capacitors into circuitin virtually no time and at zero voltage across capacitors. The firing scheme grants a totally transient-free switching of capacitors, avoiding any problems related with transient over voltages. The reaction time (the time to switch ON or OFF a capacitor step) is usually as low as 20 milliseconds. This means that upto 50 operations per second are possible.
    The ratings of RTPFC Panels are selected based on the total load of an industry. The step numbers and sizes are also considered based on the changing load pattern of the loads. The controlling is done through a micro processor based, intelligent APFC relay that hasa host of features and importantly provision for very fast response time to ensure that capacitor steps are put in and out of the circuit, based on the fast-changing load pattern.