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  • Control and Relay Panel


    Control & relay panel are used to control Breakers in MV, HV and EHV systems. It is placed in control room for where outdoor breakers are controlled for either switching ON or OFF remotely. Also, all protections are provided in this panels of which various protective relays are provided. Some of the common relays are Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Over Current, Trip Circuit Supervision, Transformer Protection Auxiliary relays, Restrictive Earth fault relay, Neutral Displacement Relay, Differential Protection relay and many more. Most of these relays are microprocessor based numerical relay.

    For Breaker control all panels are provided with TNC (Trip, Neutral, Close) Switch. Meters like Ammeter, Voltmeter, kVAr Meter, PF Meter etc. These days one single multi-functional meters are provided which give all power indication in a single meter apart from energy readings and harmonic readings. Panels are provided with indicating lamps, and other accessories like control fuses, MCB, space heaters, socket and pin, hooter and other accessories as required by the users.

    Most panels are provided with an audio-visual annunciator with a number of windows equivalent to the number of protective relay. Whenever there any tripping the annunciator will indicate the protection relay that has operated with a hooter and flashing light indication.

    On request mimic diagram with semaphore indicator can also be provided with will at one glance provide an indication of the ON/OFF status of circuit breaker and isolators


    1. 11KV Switchgear: 11kV switchgear products are used for the protection of power generation & distribution in electrical equipment:
       Transformer protection
    2.  Generator protection
    3.  Feeder protection
    4. Capacitor switching
      33KV Switchgear: 33kV switchgear products mainly used to protection of power transmission electrical equipment.
    5.  Transformer protection
    6.  Feeder protection